Safety Net Project


  • 37% of Kosovars live in poverty (defined as 1.42 euros a day) while an additional 17% live in extreme poverty (defined as below the line of 93 euro cents a day) with 0.94 cents per day. The number of poor families is increasing everyday due to Kosovo having the highest unemployment rate in Europe (48% according to UNDP 2010 Early warning Report).

Therefore provision of the most basic food items is a constant need and request at MTS offices. MTS is responsible for identifying, collecting and delivery absolutely necessary food items for citizens of Kosovo.

In 2011 alone, with support of Mother Teresa Switzerland, 100 families will be supported twice with food and essentials during month of Ramadan (July).

Also helping in the effort: “M&Sillosi” Mill from Xerxë is matching the flour quantity per family—doubling the amount of flour available to these families!