Beehive Support project


  • According to KISP statistics, for year 2010 shows that 7% of Kosovars live with less than 0.45Euro per day, in addition to 45% of population lives below the poverty line.

Due to this above fact, MTS works tirelessly to bring Kosovar families out of poverty by offering them with small-scale income generating projects. Since 2005, over 100 families have been empowered by these socio-economic means and training created by these sustainable income projects.

Families/communities engage in these MTS projects to support livelihoods for provision of means and skills to generate sustainable incomes for their families. In 2011, (10) new families will be trained and equipped with beehives facilitating their advancement out of poverty. Beekeeping is an activity that fits well with the concept of small-scale agricultural development and poverty reduction. As an activity that doesn’t require much of the investors or investees, beekeeping is a profitable and manageable small-scale home production business.

A beekeeping company will be selected based on its previous experience with providing advanced beekeeping training, business and technical advice, and will also help in equipping 10 beneficiaries in beekeeping—with all items that are needed for successful management of this business. The beekeepers will receive five beehives with three tiers in each.

The intensive training required of participants will include many aspects of apiculture including: preparation of the beehives, care for bee family, knowledge on how to properly multiple the bees, harvest honey, and proper preparation of the bees for winter.

*The professional beekeeping association will be providing assistance, which includes necessary field visits and further advices during the project duration.

Other small-scale businesses and activities include, but not exclusively:

  • Provision of cows/chickens/bees to create sustainable cottage industry
  • Instruction and advice on managing business and producing profits
  • Vocational training and apprenticeships to transfer skills to other members of family and community

The major donors of the Income generation projects are: Caritas Vienna, Loppan –Hoganas, and Swiss development and Cooperation (SDC).