• Each year 4000 people are out of the social assistance scheme provided by Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare due to strict appliance of the criteria.

Twice annually, since 1999, a group of volunteers from the United Kingdom collect and organize a humanitarian convoy of supplies to be delivered to the most vulnerable communities in Kosovo.

In May of 2011, 26 HAAD volunteers together with MTS volunteers and other supporters managed to deliver aid to 1,423 families with a total of 7,865 family members during a one-week period. Targeted areas change with each delivery, the May 2011 convoy included regions of Peja and Prizreni and eleven municipalities of the Dukagjini region. In addition eleven primary schools were given humanitarian aid and also essential school supplies like computers and stationary. This convoy supported another nine local institutions, which included other local NGOs and humanitarian initiatives.

The implementation of this extraordinary HAAD convoy would not have been so possible if it weren’t for the collaborative help and support of the volunteer network of HAAD and MTS, Customs of Kosova, the Insurance Association of Kosova, AUK students, Food and Veterinary Agency and countless more.