Housing Program 2011-

Housing Program 2011

On average, over 215 requests from cases/families in need for proper shelter are filed at the Kosova MTS database each year . These requests only reflect 30% of the territory investigated by MTS throughout Kosova; the remaining 70% not investigated also has incredible amount of families in need for this program. MTS Switzerland is responsible for building at least five new homes for families in Kosova each year. To date, MTS Switzerland has built 45 new homes in Kosova.

The Kosova Mother Teresa Society (MTS) recently signed an agreement with the Mother Teresa Society of Switzerland to construct six new houses and two partial rehabs for eight vulnerable families living in Kosova. Despite the great success and contribution from MTS Switzerland, has only made a slight dent in the need for housing in Kosovo.

The MTS sponsored housing program links together relevant and essential actors in identifying and in specification of legal documentation, labor participation, material reconstruction provision and overseeing structures that are necessary in building these new homes. From 2000 to date, Mother Teresa Society has reconstructed 165 new houses in Kosovo.The major donors involved were MTS Switzerland, Caritas Vienna, Diaconie Austria, and through the successful public donation of the public event: “The poor are among us let’s find and help them.”