Kanoka Hayashi

My experience at MTS

My experience at MTS has been eye-opening and rewarding. I have obtained invaluable insight about the lives and hardships of Pristina’s most vulnerable citizens, and also about the amount of effort it takes to run a non-governmental, non-profitable organization behind the scenes.

Being part of a small but dynamic organization has given me a strong sense of how MTS is leading true progress to build an open, civil society regardless of nationality, religion or race.


  • Studies Mathematical Social Science at the Dartmouth College
  • Intern at Mother Teresa Society July-November 2011

This internship was priceless to my growth as an individual, as I was allowed to interact directly with the families in poverty, share my own opinion, and be involved in open dialogue with the staff, which knows the situation of poverty in Pristina better than anyone else.

These are caring, warm-hearted people who choose to work with vulnerable families out of altruism. This internship was an invigorating and exciting one-one that has inspired me to set off on a path to work with charity NGOs in the future.