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Mother Teresa Society, through Voluntary Returns and Reintegration programs, aim to promote sustainable voluntary return and reintegration of Kosovars returning from EU countries. This is done in an effort to improve economic prospects for the returnees and their families. From 2002 to date, MTS has facilitated the return of 59 families with a total of 325 families members safely to Kosovo.

Since reintegration is a cornerstone for the successful rebuilding of a multiethnic society in Kosovo, promoting the sustainable reintegration of returnees will remain one of MTS’s top priorities in 2011. This will be complementary to the Kosovo government’s efforts towards the implementation of the Strategy for reintegration of repatriated persons.

To date: MTS has helped 59 families with a total of 325 members to return safely to Kosovo!

MTS partnered with the following organizations to allow these families safe return: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Program and European Reintegration Support Organizations (ERSO) II program. Recently, MTS has signed a contract with ‘Stichting Mondiale Samenleving’ (SMS) and The Mediation Agency for Return from the Netherlands to continue this program.

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